A platform to manage needs of a diagnostic lab

  • Customizable dashboard for quick review
  • Enables tracking of sample collected outside lab
  • User-friendly tracking tools for operational needs
  • Preloaded report templates for easy and quick reporting
  • Easy record keeping and management of database
  • Customzied feature to manage RT-PCR testing and test coordination

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Why choose LabNetX ?

Update and scale up your lab output by deploying smart lab management system

Decrease complexity and dealy from sample collection to report generation time, connect with us for demo of LabNetX

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Some FAQs about LabNetX

Some additional information about LabNetX through some questions

Commonly asked questions

Yes, LabNetX can be integrated or can be stand alone system
Yes, it is easy to share data with authorized agencies from LabNetX directly
Our current customers are big lab networks with Pan- India presence
It supports all tests being conducted at diagnostic lab ranging from RT-PCR to other hematological tests
Currently, it is integrating with some machines like RT-PCR, and based on requirements we can integrate with other machines
We have different payment models based on the intended and scale of use