Usher in a new age of digital training of pathology

  • User-friendly interface & navigation
  • No need for cumbersome download or upload of images
  • Can be accessed anywhere on any system firewall compatible
  • Integrated annotation tools for easy review of slides
  • Simultaneous multiple viewers functionality compares regions within & between slides
  • The clinical data and notes section helps in contextual learning
  • Access to library of digital pathology images can be provided

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Commonly asked questions regarding Slide Scholar ​

Slide Scholar is a new platform to make pathology training easy and convenient. We have a listed common questions.

Interesting and important questions regarding Slide Scholar

Currently it is available as a webapp and it is best to use bigger screens
No, currently we dont have an app for Slide Scholar
Yes, you can invite and share materials with anyone who is authroized to access the platform
Yes, you can upload images and can create your own collection folder
Slide Scholar supports all major types of image formats including pdfs and presentations
Not currently, but we are working on it