Managing and tracking digital pathology workflow

  • Enables efficient use of digital pathology infrastructure for various uses like tumor board discussions
  • Managing case allocation and status updates from different pathologists
  • Annotation on whole slide image (WSI) using user-friendly annotation tools
  • Smart reporting on pre-populated standard protocol templates
  • Restricted access to information to different levels of staff for data security

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Commonly asked questions regarding PathflowDx

Pathflow Dx is a new software to make digital pathology workflow management easy and convenient. We have a listed some common questions.

Interesting and important questions for PathflowDx

Pathflow is a web-based software and is best suited to be used on big screens like computer
Currently, the functionality enables one user to annotate and then share with other user which can add their annotations
PathflowDx integrates with EMR and the radiology report can be seen separately
Yes, PathflowDx can be used for training, we have "Slide Scholar" platform specifically created for digital pathology training
PathflowDx has report templates which follows CAP protocols which can be easily populated with data
Yes, it has a multiple viewer functionality to see multiple images in same screen which can be annotated too